Rubini Dometille

If you want to read a straightforward, funny, motivational, and relatable story. Rubini's story is for you.

1. How did you feel before losing weight? At the end of November last year, I discovered I had diabetes, so I wasn't feeling pretty well.

2. What sort of health conditions did you have due to the weight (if any)? Diabetes.

3. What is the one thing or many things at once that made you want to change? My doctor told me to cut carbs and walk at least 30 minutes a day. He told me I could reverse this diabetes. Fear can be a great motivator so I started following his recommendations and taking the prescribed pills. With time I started walking more and I discovered keto and Intermittent fasting.

4. What was the biggest struggle you went through while losing weight? The plateaus! I didn't give up like I've done many times because this wasn't a diet. I plan to live the rest of my days this way.

5. Did anything impact you to make it harder to lose weight? Not really. My main goal was defeating my diabetes. The weight loss and good looks are a pleasant bonus.

6. What kept you motivated throughout the weight loss? The results! Even when I wasn't losing weight, I was losing size. Buying new clothes. Wearing what I always wanted. Female attention. 

7. How much weight did you lose in total? I went from size 52 to 36. Lost about 32kg.

8. How do you feel now after losing the weight? I feel free.

9. Did any health problems go away once you lost the weight? Yes, lower blood sugar. No more pain in my knees and lots of energy.

10. How is your confidence now? Higher and I've learned to love myself.

11. What is one thing you couldn’t do before weight loss that you can do now? Tie my shoes

12. What do you want to say to the people that are unsure about fasting? It works. Give it an honest try. If you doubt the science, look up Dr.Jason Fung's videos on Youtube

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