Abril Hark

Once fit and active individual Abril has taken the lash from quarantine. Tune into Abril's story and find out how she went from suffering to success.

How did you feel before losing weight?

"I had always been fit and active. That was part of my identity. During the first wave of covid I was sent to the covid tents( I am a nurse). Prior I trained Olympic lifting in the mornings, kettlebells in the evenings, did omad and was carnivore. During the 1st wave I stopped fasting, ate all the goodies donated to healthcare providers and stopped training. In 4 months I jumped from 112 lbs to 140. I felt miserable and lost. My identity as the "fit nurse" was gone. All I had worked for was gone. I started to develop migraines, high bp, daily hotflasehes and found myself in a deep depression."

What sort of health conditions did you have due to the weight (if any)?

Some of the health conditons that Abril had due to the weight was daily hot flashes, migraines, increased BP, and increased fasting glucose. When not eating healthily, overtime your body will suffer from conditions that come from the pounds. 

What is the one thing or many things at once that made you realize its time to change? 

I realized that sugar was a huge addiction for me.  I would binge eat. And I didn't binge if I didn't have sugar. So on August 1st, I went back to keto as carnivore was just too hard at that time(although I would return to Carnivore by end of September) And I reimplemented fasting. Another realization. My boyfriend said he loved me, "chubby tummy and all". Although a wonderful thing to say, which shows what a great man he is, I was not happy being chubby. He loved me but I did not love myself.

What was the biggest struggle you went through while losing weight?

"The biggest struggle was dealing with my sugar addiction. Make no mistake, there is no going back to carbs for me. While some people can eat carbs and stop , I cannot. Fasting helped me realize what true hunger was and is a tool to help me with my carb cravings.  Keto/carnivore was part of the equation and fasting is another. "

Did anything impact you to make it harder to lose weight?

"The first month I went back to fasting, I couldn't do my regular omad that I did religiously from 2018 to March 2020. It was too hard. So I did one day of eating 3 meals, and one day of omad for the whole month. I lost a total of 5 lbs and was discouraged. Fasting didn't work. But perhaps it was that I needed to modify my fasting.  And I did. I decided to do TRUE ADF. A few years ago omad worked because I was approaching it from a healthier and more athletic fat adapted body. This time I was coming to fasting from eating junk nonstop during the covid lockdown from March to August and was in perimenopause, unlike before. Fasting didn't fail. My old approach failed. The good news is i didn't gain. but I wanted to lose more than 5 lbs. So discouragement made it hard but I decided to keep going and change things up. I went full carnivore and true alternate day fasting. ate one day, skipped a whole day, rinse and repeat with a few extended fasts thrown in."

What kept you motivated throughout the weight loss?

"Seeing the lbs come off. My scrubs becoming loose. before covid my scrubs were xsmall and I fit in them perfectly. During covid, I gained almost 30 lbs!!! From 112 to 140.!  During covid I had to buy new scrubs..and now they ARE TOO Big as I bought them when I was 140!!!"

How much weight did you loose in total?

"I lost 32 lbs. I actually went past goal.  I am currently trying to gain a bit of weight back!!! but in a healthy way. Not in a "stuff your mouth with carby junk food way."

How do you feel now after losing the weight?

After losing the weight, Abril says she feels like she is back to being her regular self.

"I am athletic April. I am fit april. I am a happy April"

When people get overweight, its easy to feel like we lost who we were through the inches of fat, and draining side effects. It cuts more deeper than just how you see your self different physically, but how you used to perform mentally. When losing weight its important to remeber not to try to become who you once were, but to create a new you. Comparing yourself to what you once were, with different life conditions and situations than now will only make it more frustrating trying to get the results.

Did any health problems go away once you lost the weight?

After losing the weight many of Abril's health problems had went away. Issues like her hot flashes had now ceased to exist, just like her constant migraines. Her blood glucose has as well significantly went down to a now more healthy measurement. When being overweight, its easy to think, theres nothing wrong with me, why should I change?

That statement can almost be compared to,"It's the middle of the night, everyone is asleep, why should I look both ways before crossing the road?" Eventually staying on an unhealthy path will lead to dire consequences, that even may permanently damage your body.

How is your confidence now?

 Confident in my ability to delay gratification. To function under stress and no reach for a doughnut. To deal head on with whatever comes my way. I don't hide from it. I don't medicate myself from food. i face the problems and deal with them. I don't deal with my emotions with food.

What is one thing you couldn’t do before weight loss that you can do now?

One of the things that Abril coould do mow that she once couldnt is say no to sugar.

What did you learn about yourself throughout the journey?

"I learnt that my binging was a sign of sugar addiction. IT was a symptom. If I don't eat sugar, I do not binge. Fasting made me crave healthy foods. I know not all fasters are keto or carnivore. but just like some people can drink one glass of wine or a can of beer and be done. Alcoholics can't. There is no moderation for them. As a sugar addict, i also cannot moderate.  Going carnivore is my drug free way of eating, not a diet. but even with carnivore alone I had cravings. Adding in fasting and I have cravings for new things like liver, beef, eggs. It has reset my appetite and cravings. I also learned that not being able to do extended fasts does not mean one has failed. When I first started out and had plenty of fat on me, I was able to do rolling 45's , I was able to do 72 hours, 4 days, even up to 5. As I got leaner I was unable to do extended fasts. I could now only do 20-24. Did this mean I was failing? NO! this meant fasting was a SUCCESS! As I went through my fasting journey. (cont'd) and became leaner I had to adjust. I didn't have alot of fat on me when i realized it became difficult to do 45's. I had my bf measured and stepped on the scale. I WAS UNDERWEIGHT! My bmi was lower than I thought. My body was telling me to cut my fasts short. So I listened to my body and now , currently maintaining. In short- Failing can mean success. A few weeks I failed  at 45 hr fasts and could only do 20-24 hrs .  Looked at myself in the mirror. I failed at long fasts bc I  NOW have low bodyfat.  Success! Time to implement shorter fasts. Not a fail. A WIN."

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