Kelly McIntosh

For Kelly, she has been battling weight her entire life. But even still, she doesn’t let her age win the battle to get her life back!

1. How did you feel before losing weight?
For Kelly, weight problems were something she had battled throughout her entire life. This constant war between her and weight caused her to lose more and more hope of ever seeing success. Around the age of 49, she had finally put in the towel,  resigning herself to just to grow older with the weight. Age for many has them trapped into the mindset that they may be too old to do anything anymore, including managing their health. Some might even think,” I made it this far; why should I change now? My life is already behind me.”When the face of weight loss is young, active people, of course, that’s what most would think. As long as you are alive, you deserve to live every moment of it in your peak condition.

2. What sort of health conditions did you have due to the weight

Her health condition wasn’t the best for her. She had suffered from PCOS, acid reflux, had asthma, and had sleep apnea. Many think that some of these conditions don’t seem to link with weight, especially if she’s been overweight for her entire life. The thing is, no matter how long you’ve been overweight, your body won’t “normalize” the fact that you aren’t at a healthy weight. Usually, since your body is overworking itself, it only gets sicker and sicker.

3. What is the one thing or many things at once that made you want to change?

For every weight loss story, there are different reasons. Kelly had wanted to lose weight for vanity. After her daughter had taken a picture of her at the beach, she had seen that she didn’t like how the person in the photo looked. She decided she would give weight loss one more final try, and that was three years ago.

4. What was the biggest struggle you went through while losing weight?

In the beginning, Kelly had started the traditional way of losing weight by changing her diet. Progress though seemed incredibly slow, and it had been a struggle. Thankfully, she had a partner to help her navigate cravings. But she couldn’t seem to get over the fact of how slow the progress was, and it was discouraging. She knew this couldn’t work, so she had changed her diet, and she started to feel better afterward. Eventually, she had come around to finding fasting, and it was a game-changer.

5. Did anything impact you to make it harder to lose weight?

Some of the things that had impacted her had come from her age and the hormonal changes that come from women as they age. She had dealt with more intense insulin resistance. This had made losing weight much more difficult as the hormones on her body were having her hold onto all of the fat. This progress difficult as well.

6. What kept you motivated throughout the weight loss?

Her constant motivation resulted from weight loss and how she looked better and better over time. In her words,” I felt amazing! My energy levels increased, my mental clarity increased, I no longer got sick, and I slept better. Plus, I liked how I was looking the more weight I lost. My progress in terms of weight loss and improved energy and health kept me going.” Though we won’t underestimate her discipline and commitments, each benefit of the weight loss kept her motivation boosted.

7. How much weight did you loose in total?

For Kelly, she doesn’t use the scale to determine her body size, but if she was to give an estimate, she suggests she lost over 60 pounds. A better comparison is,” I moved from a plus-size 20 jeans to a comfy regular size 12 today.” For many, tracking their weight hasn’t helped them, and for some, changed their life. When it comes to weight loss, every step of the journey is personal self-discovery, even down to the steps of how you track yourself. Nobody or mind is the same and isn’t meant to be.

8. How do you feel now after losing the weight?

After shedding all of the unwanted pounds, Kelly feels “AMAZING.” Despite reaching her goal, she hasn’t changed the way she eats, integrating the once diet into a lifestyle. She aims to lose another 10 pounds, but she isn’t in a rush. “This is how I live now. I love how I look. I move around with way more ease, and my improved health at the age of 52 is priceless to me.”

9. Did any health problems go away once you lost the weight?

Once the weight was gone, Kelly found her health problems had melted away. She hadn’t been sick in 3 years. Even issues like asthma had dissipated because of her lifestyle changes. She no more suffers from PCOS, and lives with a regular cycle now, and has no more acid reflux or sleep apnea.

10. How is your confidence now?

Her confidence hadn’t tipped or lowered; she had always found herself a confident woman and will forever be one. This might not be the same for everybody, and that’s fine. 

11. What is one thing you couldn’t do before weight loss that you can do now?

Before the weight loss, she couldn’t manage walking long distances without becoming fatigued and out of energy. Since she had lost the weight, she doesn’t have to continually look for close parking spaces to save her walking distance; she is fully capable of it now. She is now more active in going out for hiking and beach trips and isn’t feeling uncomfortable or awkward in the given situation. Since her progression, she also has become a more adventurous cook and baker, improving her culinary skills. Kelly says this is because she makes food that honors her body and her goals.

12. What did you learn about yourself throughout the journey?
Throughout this journey, in her words,” Oh boy....that I can make the changes I dreamed of. That consistency will always be better than The Grand Gesture. That feeling GOOD in mind and body is available to all of us. That growing older does not mean living with aches and pains, that my food is truly MY medicine.”

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